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London already has a Bulgarian goldsmith shop.

We are the place you need to visit for all your jewelry

need either for individual luxury needs or for matching a specific event.

We design general and wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, pendant, bracelets, and man jewelry.

Our professionals ensure you get the original product design and material you demand.

We have all our products ranging from watches and other jewelry designed from gold, diamond, and silver.

Contact us today for exclusive deals at a unique price.

ITALGOLD mounting team is full of expertise with the desire

to innovate and invent different models and mountings for display.

The unique presentation of goldsmith pieces is through the influence of goal-driven team of producers.

Customer support is part of the considerations ITALGOLD keeps into account while selecting mounting and internal working personnel for the goldsmith shop.

You are thus assured of friendly welcome within the shop by a joyous

individual which gives a homely feeling while walking around the shop.

Jewelry Expert
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